Cave de Montfrin - Histoires Naturelles

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“Les Vignerons de Montfrin” can be found on the southern slopes of the Rhône Valley.  The vineyards involved are those of Montfrin, Meynes, Comps and Thésiers.


The winery « Cave des Vignerons de Montfrin, Meynes, Comps et Thésiers » has been developing continuously since 1924.


The vines are grown on the most propitious sites including both slope and plain - all with full southern exposure; these are lands with rounded stones and which terminate in gentle slopes.  The dry climate is Mediterranean.  Thanks to the local wind (known as the ‘Mistral’) the vines benefit from exceptional climatic conditions. Both the climate and the varieties of local soil encourage diversity in the types of grape.


Since time immemorial there have been vineyards in the Rhône Valley and this underlines the suitability of local conditions: varied ground levels and the amount of sunshine as well as economic and human factors.


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